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Token is a smart contract (for example, the ERC20 standard). The main feature of such smart contracts is the presence of a complete description of the token specifications, as well as limiting the number of units produced.
ICO is used to attract investment in to the project. Successful ICOs also include White Papers (special document) and Web-page, reflecting the main stages of the project development, its advantages, the team, that is the "business card" of the project.
Decentralized Applications (DApps) are a new level of use of smart contracts. Inside of a decentralized application is possible to implement absolutely any logic. There is a smart contract written in the Solidity language in the backend part, which manages the implementation of application logic, and the frontend presents the main functionality of the application in a convenient and attractive form.
Smart Contract Integration  
Web Development
Most smart contracts need the visualization of the interface for comfortable user interaction and, in this case, subsequent integration of this smart contract. Web development is creating such specialized web pages.
Escrow accounts are very popular and common practices with many advantages. Escrow smart contract improves the main idea of Escrow-accounts by replacing the "third party" with a program code, which cannot be changed and guarantees reliability compliance with all agreements of the parties

Testing is the most important stage in the development of any project that allows to check the functionality and compliance of the finished product with the terms of reference.
Audit of the smart contracts involves a full code check, a search for code vulnerabilities, an analysis of the architecture and detailed report to evaluate the security and quality of the program code.
Contracts of this type are designed to receive external data from the Internet. For example, the rates of Ether or Bitcoin in rubles or dollars, or data obtained from the API of the site or application.
The received data the Oracle's contract "broadcasts" into the Blockchain network providing access to them by other smart contracts.
The company has developed software platform that allows producing Airdrop (Bounty) to several thousand addresses at once.
For successful Airdrop (Bounty) process all you need is a list of addresses in .csv format, as well as the tokens themselves for distribution.

Our News

The company is actively developing and preparing a new surprise for our customers. The autonomous platform Airdrop / Bounty with personal accounts is already under development! Now it is even easier and handy.

Why are exactly we?

Our team has been creating software products in various programming languages ​​for more than 10 years. For the last 2 years we have been actively engaged in the development of projects using the Blockchain technology. We have large number of ICO projects written and successfully launched by customers, decentralized applications, as well as personal developments. For each of us, the first place takes the quality of the work done, which consists of a well-written terms of reference based on the client's wishes, quick and high-quality development and testing to obtain the expected high result.

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About Us

We are a well-coordinated, ambitious team of developers who work with Blockchain technology and smart contracts. Our main activity is the development of the final product (like a decentralized application), which includes all stages of development: from the preparation of terms of reference to the delivery of a complete, tested product, ready for use.

The range of services of the company includes the development of not only the logical part of the product (the backend), but also the development of the user interface for comfortable and convenient interaction with the product (frontend).

Our employees are actively developing and the company does not lag behind modern developments and new products, improving every day and expanding the range of opportunities and services.

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